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"It's incredible how we have grown from a couple of brothers fooling around with go karts & bikes on the levees of St. Charles Parish to the honor of being regulars on the annual Cannonball Run Rally! We never thought our love of cars and bikes would grow into this. You don't grow up in a community like ours without wanting to do more with and for our neighbors.  We have gained some incredible partners and business contacts over the years. And with them, we have been able to work within the area to give back to our community.  There is always more to do, more people to help, more people to reach. We hope it has meant something to them, but I know with certainty that it has meant a great deal to us and to our family and teams."

Glen Smith, co-founder and CEO, GSmith Motorsports

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Without them, G.Smith Motorsports would not look nearly as good!

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