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Thanksgiving Baskets

For the last several years, GSmith Motorsports has partnered with our communities' schools, churches, and law enforcement departments to help ensure that residents have what they need to create their Thanksgiving meals.

Based on input received from community leaders, we are able to reach out to families that may be struggling to make ends meet this time of year.  



"We have learned over the years that the ones in our community that have the strongest awareness of those in need are our law enforcement officers. They interact with their neighbors everyday. We have great cooperation from the officers, the local pastors, and school administrators.  It's not just helping these families out with a holiday meal; it's about reaching out directly to folks in need.  Anyone can donate to the big companies and groups. We prefer to be more grass roots about it, seeing people, and looking them in the eye. We hope that we bring them comfort and happiness."

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