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Built. On. Self. Success.  Helping. Our. Generations. Grow.

Not only is that what the term BO$$HOGG stands for, it is exactly what the BO$$HOGG Brothers represent.

Working directly with the youth in their community of St. James Parish, LA, the BO$$HOGG Brothers have jumped right in to make their mark.  Mentoring, fundraising, scholarship awarding...their impact has been huge. They are only 3 years into their endeavor, and their list for future projects is growing by the day!

As soon as we heard about these guys at BO$$HOGG Brothers, heard about what they are trying to accomplish, heard about all the good that they are doing in the community, we immediately knew we wanted to do what we could to help them share and expand their vision and help them accomplish some of their goals. This event we are doing with them with the school supplies giveaway is going to be amazing.  We are excited to be a part of it, and are really looking forward to seeing the kids’ faces.  The BO$$HOGG Brothers have been a pleasure to partner with, they really know what they want to accomplish and how to achieve it.  I wish we had 1000 more guys and groups like them.” – Glen Smith, CEO, GSmith Motorsports

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On August 16, 2019, GSmith Motorsports and the BO$$HOGG Brothers worked together to distribute over 700 backpacks with school supplies to elementary students in St. James Parish, LA.

BO$$HOGG Brothers are naturally very active and known in the St. James community.  They wanted to do something special for all of the elementary kids in their area; the Brothers wanted to ensure that the kids had all they needed to start their school year. And, to let the kids know how important they all are, to us and to our community.

We started that morning at the Sixth Ward Elementary, moving on to the Fifth Ward Elementary, and finishing at Vacherie Elementary.

The principals and teachers organized everything for our arrival to their respective schools.  The kids had a great time and we loved getting to spend time with them.

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